Pollution Probe’s Transportation Program works with key stakeholders to develop transportation solutions that address air pollution and climate change, and contributes to a wide array of expert transportation committees and working groups at local, regional, national and international levels.


Pollution Probe generates pioneering research on electric vehicles (EVs) as well as other alternative transportation technologies and modes, and is a leading source of information and expertise on EVs.

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Personal transportation encompasses all types of light-duty cars, vans, and trucks, as well as modes of mass transit like buses, trains, ferries and airplanes, and modes of active transportation like bicycling and walking. Electric vehicles (EVs) currently represent the most promising low-carbon option for personal vehicles, especially in countries like Canada which have an abundance of renewable electricity. Our work focuses on promoting and facilitating the deployment of EVs across Canada and developing solutions to barriers associated with EV uptake.

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Pollution Probe works with government and the heavy-duty vehicle sector to help facilitate the coordinated efforts required to reduce the significant carbon footprint of freight transport.

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On-road freight transport is the fastest-growing source of transportation-related emissions (currently representing 32% of total emissions from the Canadian transportation sector). Rail, marine and aviation freight combined contribute 8% of Canada’s transportation-related emissions.


Pollution Probe works to identify and promote transportation pathways which will deliver deep reductions in greenhouse gases and promote economic growth, thereby contributing to actions to address climate change.


Pollution Probe’s transportation program takes a holistic approach, focusing on researching and advocating for cost-effective alternative transportation fuels that have the smallest possible environmental impact.

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Transportation 101

What is transportation and why is it central to our lives, our economy and the climate? What are the key elements of this complex system and what factors determine how different transportation systems take shape in different parts of the world? What modes, fuels and technologies could change the way we move around in the future?

Get the answers in this short video and also find out how you can lower your environmental impact through transportation choices.

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Steve McCauley, Senior Director

Derek May, Project Manager

Melissa DeYoung, Director, Policy and Programs

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