Developing transportation solutions that reduce air pollution and help achieve Canada’s net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target.

Towards Net Zero: Developing a Rail Decarbonization Roadmap for Canada

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Opportunities for Accelerating School Bus Electrification in Ontario

There is an important opportunity for the Government of Ontario to transition to an electric school bus fleet across the province, and to stop the use of diesel-fueled buses. School bus electrification would help to combat climate change while protecting the health of Ontario’s children and other vulnerable residents by improving air quality. It also promises to generate substantial economic development opportunities for Ontario's manufacturing and electricity sectors.

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Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Support Program

Pollution Probe’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Support Program is supporting the Government of Canada’s commitment to having Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) comprise 50% of new passenger vehicle sales by 2030, and 100% by 2035. Accessible and abundant electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are vital for increasing EV ownership. To realize Canada’s targets, Canadians will need access to significantly more EV charging options than are currently available.

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Municipal Zero-Emission Vehicle Engagement Platform

The goals of the Municipal ZEV Engagement Platform are to engage municipal governments and their collaborators, socialize the range of solutions which are presented in internal and external resources, and establish an ongoing dialogue surrounding Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). The Platform will provide an opportunity for knowledge-sharing across municipalities and access to subject-matter experts and relevant stakeholders, contributing to the deepening of knowledge and expertise of those with common ZEV-related challenges and opportunities.

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Transportation 101

What is transportation and why is it central to our lives, our economy and the climate? What are the key elements of this complex system and what factors determine how different transportation systems take shape in different parts of the world? What modes, fuels and technologies could change the way we move around in the future?

Get the answers in this short video and also find out how you can lower your environmental impact through transportation choices.

Produced by Pollution Probe in partnership with Student Energy.  

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