November 30, 2021

Our 2021 Gala & Conference explored the realities of a warming world, overviewing both the socioeconomic and environmental implications for Canada as well as what needs to be done to ensure that we put the emergency brakes on the runaway train that is climate change, featuring a solutions-oriented roundtable incorporating the views of young leaders influencing the climate change conversation now.

Thank you to our panelists, our guests, and all of our supporters who helped make the 2021 Gala & Conference possible! You can watch the highlights of the live event, or read the official Gala report to learn more.

Our Panelists

Stella Bowles

Youth Environmentalist

Stella Marguerite Bowles, MSM, ONS is a Canadian environmentalist, author, and the youngest recipient of the Order of Nova Scotia. Canada also recognized Stella with a Meritorious Service Medal.

Faith Edem

Policy Analyst, ECCC

Faith Edem is a change agent that champions the intersection between sustainability, public policy, and its impacts on youth and racialized groups. As a policy actor at the federal level, Faith contributes to domestic climate policy analysis. She currently works on climate finance programming that will support Latin and African developing countries implement their own climate plan and NDCs. As a 2021 Corporate Knights 30 under 30, GreenBiz Circularity 21 Emerging Leader and climate resilience author, Faith recognizes the importance of inclusive youth-led climate action beyond 2030 and 2050.

Beth Eden

Interim CEO, QS World Merit

Beth Eden is the Interim CEO of QS World Merit, a global charity working towards an equal world by allowing young people to access opportunities based on merit (using the SDGs as their framework for impact). She has been working United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, previously the Millennium Development Goals for over 11 years. She was recognized as of Canada’s 30 under 30 Sustainability Leaders with Corporate Knights and a 25 under 25 Environmentalist with Starfish Canada in 2020 for her work with Climate Action, the SDGs and Community Mobilization in Canada. Beth also uses her experience in environmental studies from her degree at the University of Waterloo and her experiences in community mobilization in her role as Impact Producer for documentary films to reshape narratives and participation in global environmental issues. Her recent work highlights declining salmon stocks and industrial logging in Mowachat/Muchalat Territory on Vancouver Island.

Helen Watts

Senior Director of Global Partnerships, Student Energy

For over seven years Helen has worked and collaborated on a wide range of issues from the global energy transition, to safe & dignified human migration, to achieving our sustainable development goals by 2030. She is an experienced public speaker, youth leader, program designer, and fundraiser.

Ricky-Lee Watts

Youth Programs Manager, Indigenous Clean Energy

Ricky-Lee Watts is a first generation University graduate, traveler, passionate dreamer, motivational speaker, and visionary leader. With experience working with Indigenous communities, universities, government, and with a growing involvement in entrepreneurship, public speaking, travelling, and leadership, Ricky-Lee lives a life of interconnectedness and intentionality.

The 2021 Pollution Probe Award

A highlight of our annual gala is the Pollution Probe Award, which celebrates the extraordinary achievements of individuals or organizations working toward positive, tangible environmental change. This year, we are delighted to present the Award to Naila Moloo!

Naila Moloo

Nanotechnology Innovator and Writer

Naila is a 15 year old author and innovator passionate about the intersection of sustainable energies and nanotechnology. She is currently building transparent and flexible solar cells in a lab leveraging nanomaterial, as well as developing a bio-plastic from duckweed through interning at Pond Biomaterials.


Congratulations, Naila!


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Larissa Crawford

Founder and Managing Director, Future Ancestors Services

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Autumn Peltier

Anishinabek Nation Chief Water Commissioner

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2019 Environmental Leadership Award

The Right Honourable M. Brian Mulroney

18th Prime Minister of Canada

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