Richard Carlson

Director, Energy Policy and Energy Exchange

Melissa De Young

Director, Policy and Programs

Mariana Eret

Manager, Research and Analysis

Christopher Hilkene

Chief Executive Officer

Eva Narae Joo

Research & Project Assistant

Ruth Kiro

Senior Lead, Energy Research and Analysis

Samantha Lau

Lead, Research & Analysis

Sid Markowski

Director, Finance

Steve McCauley

Senior Director

Juliet Rennick

Energy Policy Analyst

Marc Saleh

Project Advisor

Tatiana Slobodcicov, CFRE

Annual Giving Manager

Cedric Smith

Director, Transportation

Fern Tran

Director, Corporate Services & EV Charging Incentives

Adi Varsano

Admin & Program Assist, Corporate Services & EV Charging Incentives

Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup Team

Anna Bryan

Sydney Margaret

Brady Miller

Our Extended Team

Tim Adamson

Michael Brophy

René Drolet

Paul Griss

Nathalie He

Ken Ogilvie

Ingrid Thompson