Richard Carlson

Director, Energy Policy and Energy Exchange

Melissa De Young

Vice President

Mariana Eret

Manager, Research and Analysis

Christopher Hilkene

Chief Executive Officer

Eva Narae Joo

Research & Project Assistant

Ruth Kiro

Senior Lead, Energy Research and Analysis

Samantha Lau

Lead, Research & Analysis

Sid Markowski

Director, Finance

Steve McCauley

Senior Director

Marc Saleh

Project Advisor

Tatiana Slobodcicov, CFRE

Annual Giving Manager

Cedric Smith

Director, Transportation

Fern Tran

Director, Corporate Services & EV Charging Incentives

Adi Varsano

Admin & Program Assist, Corporate Services & EV Charging Incentives

Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup Team

Anna Bryan

Sydney Margaret

Brady Miller

Our Extended Team

Tim Adamson

Michael Brophy

René Drolet

Paul Griss

Nathalie He

Ken Ogilvie

Ingrid Thompson