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A new report from Pollution Probe and the Delphi Group explores a wide variety of collaborative actions that Canadian cities can lead to encourage the use of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) across all modes of transport, so as to address GHG and air pollutant emissions and alleviate congestion. These actions fall into four broad categories: low-emission zones, restricted road accessparking space removal, and congestion pricing, all covered in detail along with complementary topics ranging from infrastructure and public transit, to active transportation, financial levers, regulatory instruments, partnerships, and urban planning and design.

Framing findings from global case studies in a Canadian context, the report also explores critical aspects of low-carbon mobility actions including environmental and economic costs and benefits, common barriers and methods to overcome them, and issues of social equity and fairness.

The complete report is accessible in PDF format, and we are pleased to provide links to accessible versions in both English and French, courtesy of Natural Resources Canada, at the main project page – find it by clicking the report cover at right.

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