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A new Guide from Pollution Probe and the Delphi Group, made possible through the support of Natural Resources Canada, provides a detailed look at the specific processes and considerations for installing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs). Based on extensive consultation with experts, the Guide provides a step-by-step approach to installation as well as potential strategies for streamlining the process. With this Guide, finding common ground for discussions between electrical contractors, engineering firms, EVSE providers or EV advisors, and the condo boards, strata councils or property managers looking to install EV charging stations is easier than ever.

Around one-third of Canadians currently live in an apartment or condominium. In some large urban centres, more residents live in MURBs than in single-detached houses. The Guide helps address the unique challenges of EV charging for potential EV owners living in these buildings, providing a better understanding of how to effectively navigate the often complex process of installing the necessary infrastructure.

The complete report is accessible in PDF format, and we are pleased to provide links to accessible versions in both English and French, courtesy of Natural Resources Canada, at the main project page – find it by clicking the report cover at right.

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