November 30, 2021
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In August 2021, the IPCC released its “Code Red for humanity” – a report that confirms what many of us have long known: climate change is not just widespread, affecting every region across the planet, but rapidly intensifying. Many changes are now irreversible; however, with decisive, sustained action, we can – and must – limit the impacts of climate change and slow its acceleration.

Our 2021 Gala will explore the realities of a warming world, overviewing both the socioeconomic and environmental implications for Canada as well as what needs to be done to ensure that we put the emergency brakes on the runaway train that is climate change. It will feature a solutions-oriented roundtable incorporating the views of young leaders influencing the climate change conversation now.

Canada’s current generation of youth are more climate-aware than any generation that has come before them – both by choice and by necessity. They are acutely aware that the burden of climate change will fall primarily on their shoulders, and that the next several decades will be pivotal to global long-term prosperity. We will be turning the spotlight on the visions and priorities of youth in Canada, and exploring how their views can be incorporated into environmental decision making.

The event will also feature youth views on key pillars of system change – such as technology, policy, and behaviour – and how Canada can leverage such pillars in the years ahead to mitigate and address the impacts of a warming world.

The Pollution Probe Award

A highlight of our annual gala is the Pollution Probe Award, which celebrates the extraordinary achievements of individuals or organizations working toward positive, tangible environmental change.

Watch this space for an announcement of our 2021 winner, coming soon!

Recent winners
Larissa Pollution Probe Award

2020 Pollution Probe Award

Larissa Crawford
Founder and Managing Director, Future Ancestors Services

autumn peltier award

2019 Rising Star Award

Autumn Peltier
Anishinabek Nation Chief Water Commissioner

mulroney award

2019 Environmental Leadership Award

The Right Honourable M. Brian Mulroney
18th Prime Minister of Canada

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