Pollution Probe’s Energy Program uses a systems approach for identifying opportunities to produce, distribute and use cleaner, more sustainable energy.
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Report Release

The Enbridge 2022-27 Demand Side Management (DSM) Plan for Ontario Municipalities Public Release Report

September 2021


The Innovation Sandboxes Project

Sandboxes are a valuable tool used by jurisdictions across the world to meet evolving priorities and address new and emerging concerns. Pollution Probe and QUEST’s Innovation Sandboxes project aims to collaboratively create frameworks that will allow for innovation in all levels of provincial and territorial energy systems across Canada. These foundational frameworks can then be used by policymakers, regulators, and other stakeholders to change existing policies and regulations or create more effective policies, regulations, and programs to accelerate the transition to a low-emissions future.


The Post-Pickering Study

The Pickering Nuclear Generating Station has supplied clean electricity to Ontario (and the GTA in particular) for almost half a century, and is now nearing retirement. As an important element of Ontario’s low-emissions electricity system, finding a replacement solution – or solutions – that will keep the system clean must be a priority. 

The Future of Natural Gas

In March of 2019, Pollution Probe hosted an expert workshop and public event on the topic of natural gas and how it might feature in a decarbonized Canadian energy system. Natural gas has the potential to play an important role in decarbonizing Canada’s energy system despite being a fossil fuel. Increasing energy efficiency and incorporating new technology as well as low-carbon gases (renewable natural gas and hydrogen) will be critical. 

Energy Exchange, a division of Pollution Probe, is dedicated to advancing energy literacy in Canada. It aspires to a future in which Canadians are united in their energy prosperity, rather than divided by their energy options.
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