Circular Economy

Accelerating the transition from a traditional “take-make-waste” linear economy to a circular economy, where waste is minimized by design, and products and materials are reused, remanufactured, refurbished, and recycled.

The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup

The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, launched jointly with the Council of the Great Lakes Region, is a first-of-its-kind initiative, using innovative technology to quickly capture and remove plastics and other litter at sites throughout the Great Lakes. Through research, collaboration, outreach and education, we are identifying sources of litter entering our waterways and highlighting how government, industry, and consumers can work together to reduce, reuse and recycle material waste.

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Canada Plastics Pact

Pollution Probe has been at the forefront of the movement to reduce, re-use and recycle since our inception in 1969. As part of the CPP, we’re committed to working in collaboration with other dedicated organizations to build a circular economy for plastics where we eliminate the plastics we don’t need and innovate so the plastics we do need can be reused, recycled and managed to maximize their value, extend their usable life and keep them out of the environment.

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Great Lakes Plastics Forum

Many plastics have the ability to be recovered, recycled or reconstituted more than once but this value is lost when they are discarded or improperly disposed of. Each day, plastic debris and fibres make their way into rivers, streams and lakes, where they accumulate. On October 11th, 2018, Pollution Probe and the Council of the Great Lakes Region hosted the Great Lakes Plastics Forum in Toronto. The forum provided an opportunity for a range of experts to discuss innovative and practical solutions to the issue of plastic waste and improper disposal, supported by sound public policy.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The iconic phrase was coined by Pollution Probe in the early 1970s. Initially, the founding members used ‘Reject, Re-use, Recycle,’ but decided that ‘Reject’ sounded too harsh. They replaced it with ‘Reduce,’ creating a slogan and rallying call that endures worldwide over half a century later.

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