Municipal ZEV Platform
Pollution Probe Gala Conference 2020 Report

The impacts of pollution and climate change affect us all – but not equally. This Earth Day, we’re sharing the official report from our 2020 Virtual Gala Conference, which focused on Environmental Equity in Canada, exploring how we, as a community dedicated to the protection of the environment, can work together to ensure that equity and social justice become fundamental elements of sustainable development.

Citizen Science + Pharmaceuticals
The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup

A brand-new, first-of-is-kind collaborative initiative deploying cutting-edge technology to get plastic litter out of the Great Lakes and, through research, outreach and education, working to prevent more plastic from entering these waterways in future.

EV Charging in MURBs
A Guide to EV Charging in MURBs

Pollution Probe and the Delphi Group, with support from Natural Resources Canada, present a new and in-depth guide to installing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs).

Report 2: Innovation Sandboxes
Innovation Sandboxes: Getting to Deployment

The second report from Quest and Pollution Probe's Innovation Sandboxes project focuses on bridging the gaps in energy innovation in Canada.

Citizen Science + Pharmaceuticals
Citizen Science in the Great Lakes

Our new report, with a collection of accompanying resources, looks at Citizen Science and the role it can play in managing issues like pharmaceutical pollution in the Great Lakes.

Municipal ZEV Platform
The Municipal ZEV Platform

Our new online portal provides a space for municipal governments and their collaborators to establish an ongoing dialogue and share valuable resources on Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs)

COVID - 19 Stimulus Recommendations
Renew, Rebuild, Refocus

Expert Recommendations for Mapping Canada’s COVID-19 Recovery

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