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Major Programs:

Canada is blessed with an incredible energy endowment. However, the production, distribution and use of energy can have significant environmental impacts. To mitigate these, Pollution Probe promotes the ‘3 Es’ of responsible energy use: energy efficiency, energy from renewables, and emissions reductions during energy production. Visit to participate in our energy literacy initiative.
Air & Transportation
The air program promotes tougher controls on urban smog, reduced acid gas emissions, improved public transit and cleaner vehicles and fuels.
Climate Change
Pollution Probe is actively engaged in initiatives to address climate change, including conducting research, engaging partners, implementing projects, holding events and contributing to the development of new policies to honour Canada's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Pollution Probe envisions a New Approach to Water Management; one that takes a progressive, prevention-oriented, forward-looking, long-term view of what is needed to achieve future sustainability.