Celebrating World Water Day 2024

Every day we should celebrate WATER! The global community united to celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd, emphasizing the theme of “Water for Prosperity and Peace”. Pollution Probe proudly joined this worldwide celebration, continuing our work to protect our freshwater for future generations. 

Through our Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, an initiative with the Council of the Great Lakes Region, we’ve had a measurable impact on water quality in the Great Lakes. With over 135 plastic capture technologies in action (and over 100 partners and collaborators), we have filtered more than 12.2 billion litres of water since 2020. This means we’ve removed a significant amount of plastic debris from lakes and rivers from the St. Lawrence to Lake Superior, contributing to the improved health of Great Lakes’ ecosystems.

This accomplishment aligns with Pollution Probe’s steadfast commitment to protecting Canada’s water resources and highlights the vital role of collaboration in addressing urgent environmental challenges. As we reflect on World Water Day this year, join us in our commitment to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthy Planet. Learn more about what we’re doing and how you can get involved. 


Media Contacts:

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Pollution Probe
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