Empowering Young Environmental Professionals

Pollution Probe has been providing opportunities in support of young leaders in the environmental sphere for years.

We’ve worked together with a variety of organizations and academic institutions to help build skills and gain experience through capstone projects, student internships, networking and employment opportunities. Most recently, we’ve been working in collaboration with a student group at the University of Guelph and a representative from the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation on a capstone project related to nutrient recovery and reuse opportunities in Ontario. We’ve also supported students investigating point sources of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes through the University’s Flexible Environmental Internship Program.

These activities allow students to hone their skills in research, analysis, and scientific communication, while generating important insights and outcomes to further critical work related to the circular economy. We are looking forward to exploring how this work can inform further efforts and to fostering early career development for our young leaders in the environmental sector.


Media Contacts:

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Pollution Probe
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