Steve McCauley

Senior Director

Steve is leading a number of transportation initiatives at Pollution Probe which are directed at the decarbonization of the automotive, heavy duty trucking and marine sectors. This work has included the development and implementation of the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Advancement Partnership (EHVAP) on behalf of the Government of Ontario. He represented Pollution Probe as a member of the Federal ZEV Advisory Group which has supported the development of Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy, and led the organization’s participation in the development of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. Other recent projects include working with the City of Toronto to contribute to the development of its municipal electrification strategy, which will address opportunities in a number of key areas including personal vehicles, freight and public transit. Steve is similarly now working with Natural Resources Canada to support municipalities across Canada in their efforts to develop electric vehicle strategies, and helping to address the many barriers these jurisdictions face in their electrification efforts.

Prior to joining Probe, Steve led the Government of Canada’s federal and international regulatory actions on greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and chemicals management in transportation, energy and other industrial sectors.