A collaborative effort of Pollution Probe, the Toronto Zoo and GreenMantra Technologies, the Plastics Pathway is located at the Toronto Zoo and takes visitors on a journey of discovery about plastic pollution and what we can collectively do to address it.

What can you see at the Plastics Pathway?

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Visit the Plastics Pathway at the Toronto Zoo and keep an eye out for these displays!

Plastic can be a beneficial resource when treated responsibly each step of the way, but it should never end up in the environment where it can negatively impact wildlife and ecosystems. 

The Plastics Pathway provides an opportunity for the Zoo’s 1.2 million annual guests to learn about plastic use and the important efforts underway to address plastic pollution. Made possible through generous support from the Province of Ontario, the experience will highlight how plastic can be a beneficial resource when used, treated and discarded responsibly and will educate about the need to transition to a more circular approach to plastic use. It will also provide an opportunity to showcase important efforts underway to address plastic pollution in the environment, an issue of critical importance.


Follow the path to explore educational displays and activities that inform and highlight how you can help contribute to ending plastic pollution, along with real-life solutions and even examples of plastic that has been transformed into valuable products! When we work together, we can find innovative solutions to plastic pollution that create economic, social and environmental benefits.  

Plastic in the Environment

Learn about the impacts of plastic that finds its way into the environment.

Collection, Sortation and Recycling

Explore the role of recycling in a circular economy for plastic, including opportunities for improved collection and sortation.


How can plastic products be designed to limit waste and pollution throughout their lifecycle, from creation to next use or end-of-life?

Community Science & Engagement

Learn about the role that communities can play in ending plastic pollution.

Reuse &

Explore innovative ways that plastic is being reused or repurposed – both at the Zoo and beyond!


Recycled Content & Upcycling

How do products that contain recycled content help to ensure plastic doesn’t end up in landfill?


The Plastics Pathway App is Now Available!

Download the mobile app before your next visit! The Plastics Pathway app will help you navigate to different elements of the Plastics Pathway at the Toronto Zoo, while learning more about plastic use and the important efforts underway to address plastic pollution. 

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