Toronto Electric Mobility Assessment Phase Report 

In 2018, the City of Toronto launched the Assessment Phase of its Electric Mobility Strategy. The Strategy is intended to contribute to the achievement of the goals set forth in TransformTO, Toronto’s climate action plan. These ambitious goals include the virtual elimination of petroleum-powered transportation by 2050.

In order to develop a foundation for the Strategy, Toronto commissioned Pollution Probe and The Delphi Group to lead the implementation of the Assessment Phase. This entailed conducting primary and secondary research, extensive stakeholder engagement, and the development of a comprehensive baseline report. The report details the current state of electric mobility in Toronto and key challenges that should be addressed as part of the Strategy’s development.

After providing some general background on electric mobility options, the report explores current electric vehicle (EV) adoption levels and the supportive programs in place in Toronto. It then looks at municipal best practices in facilitating electric mobility, and provides advice and resources on how to address key issues through the Strategy.

This project builds on Pollution Probe and The Delphi Group’s extensive background in electric mobility planning and deployment.

We have worked closely with all levels of government in Canada as well as a wide variety of private sector stakeholders to develop resources that will contribute to the continued decarbonization of the transportation sector throughout the country. For related publications, please refer to: