Summer Newsletter: Powering Ontario’s Growth, Pollution Probe’s Contributions in Energy and Electrification Planning

Ontario’s journey towards a sustainable and electrified future took a significant step forward with the recent release of Powering Ontario’s Growth, the province’s long-term plan for energy and electrification. Pollution Probe played a role in shaping this ambitious initiative.

Released in early July, Powering Ontario’s Growth is a long-term plan that lays the foundation for energy and electrification in the province. Building upon the decarbonization modeling conducted late last year, the plan is a good start to transitioning Ontario towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Richard Carlson, Pollution Probe’s Director of Energy, provided significant insights and recommendations that found their way into the plan’s framework. His expertise and vision for a low-carbon future were acknowledged when he was quoted in the Toronto Star, affirming the importance of Powering Ontario’s Growth as a bold step towards achieving a net-zero world.

In addition to our contributions to the decarbonization modeling, Pollution Probe actively engaged with Ontario’s Electrification and Energy Transition Panel. This opportunity has provided a platform for us to provide critical comments and input, working towards updating the province’s energy planning framework.

Ontario’s Electrification and Energy Transition Panel serves as a critical forum for shaping energy policy and planning that aligns with a net-zero vision. We recognize this as a transformative opportunity to create a robust and forward-looking energy planning framework.

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