Summer Newsletter: Low-Carbon Energy Innovation Reaches Milestone, Launch of Community of Practice

Low-Carbon Energy Innovation Reaches Milestone: Launch of Community of Practice

Toronto, June 22, 2023

A groundbreaking initiative by QUEST Canada and Pollution Probe, the Low Carbon Energy Innovation project, has achieved a significant milestone with the establishment of its Community of Practice (CoP) and the launch of its research component. The project aims to propel Canada towards low-carbon innovation through a comprehensive examination of regulatory, policy, and market conditions.

Building on the success of the Innovation Sandboxes initiative, QUEST Canada and Pollution Probe are at the forefront of transforming Canada’s energy landscape. The Low Carbon Energy Innovation project seeks to unlock the potential of low-carbon energy solutions and foster sustainable practices across the country.

Community of Practice: A Collaborative Milestone

The establishment of the Community of Practice marks a significant advancement in the project’s collaborative efforts. To date, we have successfully hosted three meetings, attracting more than 100 participants from various regions of the country.

The latest Community of Practice meeting was particularly noteworthy, featuring a presentation by Ofgem, the UK energy regulator, on energy innovation policies. The Community of Practice platforms enable industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and collectively shape the trajectory of low-carbon innovation in Canada. The research component of the project promises to unveil insights into advancing low-carbon solutions in Canada. By exploring the intricacies of regulatory systems, policies, and market dynamics, the project aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices across industries.

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About Pollution Probe

Pollution Probe is a Canadian charitable environmental organization founded in September 1969 by University of Toronto students and professors. Over the past 5 decades, Pollution Probe has been at the forefront of progress on a range of environmental issues. We pursue environmental gains by working productively with governments, industry and the public, with a steadfast commitment to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthy Planet.

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