Summer Newsletter: Flame Retardants in Tents, Launching an Informed FR Use Campaign

Toronto, Ont. – August 1, 2023

The summer season entices many outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature and embark on camping adventures, but  did you know that camping tents contain flame retardants? These chemicals, commonly used to meet flammability standards with the intent of helping to slow the ignition and spread of fire in potentially flammable materials, can have significant environmental and human health implications.

Flame retardants present in tents have the potential to enter the environment during the manufacturing process or during tent usage. Studies have shown that these chemicals accumulate in freshwater and sediment, raising concerns about their long-term impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem health.

The Government of Canada recently proposed updates to its Tents Regulations, which will impact the use of flame retardants in tents in Canada. In response to these developments, we introduced our Informed FR Use campaign.

The #informedFRuse series, seeks to bridge knowledge gaps surrounding flame retardants, particularly their presence and use in tents in Canada, and the environmental and human health impacts they may pose. The campaign aims to empower individuals to participate actively in discussions around regulatory amendments and to explore strategies to minimize the use and release of flame retardants into the environment.

The 70-day consultation period for the proposed regulatory updates closed on August 26th, which provided an opportunity for individuals to voice their opinions and contribute to shaping future policy. For more information visit

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