PRESS RELEASE: Statement in Response to Ontario Government’s Announcement of the Drive Clean Program Redesign

TORONTO, ON – Pollution Probe supports the Government of Ontario’s recent announcement to tackle heavy duty vehicle (HDV) emissions as part of the redesign of the Province’s Drive Clean Program. This action which will target the on-road freight transportation sector is urgently needed given its major and growing role in contributing to climate change and air pollution.

The on-road freight sector is the fastest-growing source of transportation-related emissions, currently representing 19% of total greenhouse gas emissions from the Ontario transportation sector. Most heavy-duty vehicles are powered by diesel engines that emit harmful air and climate pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, black carbon, nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter and other pollutants that can cause disease and premature death. These vehicles are subject to stringent emissions regulations, and Ontario’s trucking industry has made significant investments to meet these standards.

However, additional public health and climate benefits can be achieved in Ontario by developing an effective emissions testing program that ensures emissions reductions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles are realized , while stepping up compliance and enforcement actions. These changes are urgently needed to prevent the tampering of pollution control equipment and technologies on heavy duty vehicles.

Pollution Probe looks forward to continuing to engage and work together with the Ministries of Transportation and the Environment, Conservation and Parks, and the Ontario trucking industry to support their positive actions to develop and implement the updated Drive Clean Program, and ensure improved air quality and the health of Ontarians through reductions in transportation emissions. Pollution Probe encourages the Ontario Government to broaden this action on heavy duty vehicle emissions and reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution from the entire transportation sector in Ontario, which will be essential in achieving the Province’s environmental and climate objectives.

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