PRESS RELEASE: Accelerating the Deployment of Zero-Emission Vehicles: Opportunities for the Atlantic and Prairie Provinces

TORONTO, ON – Today, Pollution Probe and The Delphi Group released the report Accelerating the Deployment of Zero Emission Vehicles: Opportunities for the Atlantic and Prairie Provinces at the EV2018VÉ Conference & Trade Show in Ottawa. The initiative was supported by Natural Resources Canada, Bruce Power, Global Automakers of Canada, and the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association.

The report was developed through an extensive engagement of zero emission vehicles (ZEV) experts representing over 50 organizations across Canada. The focal points of these consultations were workshops in Calgary and Fredericton.

“The adoption of zero-emission vehicles in Canada is accelerating”, says Christopher Hilkene, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Pollution Probe. “This study highlights the substantial decarbonization opportunity that ZEVs present for Canada’s transportation sector, and the important progress being made in accelerating ZEV deployment.” Canada is seeing impressive growth in ZEV sales, with a 68% increase in sales between 2016 and 2017. Twenty-six ZEV models are available for sale in Canada, with more on the way.

While provinces in the Prairie and Atlantic regions have experienced lower ZEV adoption rates than Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, there has been important progress. Efforts are underway in both regions to address some of the barriers and realize opportunities associated with ZEV deployment. A number of Prairie and Atlantic provinces are including ZEVs as part of climate, energy and transportation plans. Municipalities, including the cities of Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax, are developing ZEV strategies. Natural Resources Canada’s Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative (EVAFIDI) is funding charging infrastructure installation in both regions. Regional partnerships are engaged in the installation of DC Fast Charger corridors. More than 74 communities in the Prairie provinces and 89 in Atlantic Canada now have ZEV charging infrastructure. Education activities are ongoing in both regions to increase consumer awareness.

The report concludes that a suite of coordinated actions involving industry, governments and ZEV stakeholders is more effective than stand-alone measures in driving increased ZEV uptake. ZEV purchase rebates, consumer education and investments in public charging/refueling infrastructure were identified as key to increased ZEV adoption levels. Electricity grid readiness was not found to be a near-term barrier to increased ZEV adoption.

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Pollution Probe is a national, not-for-profit, charitable organization which is improving the health and well-being of Canadians by advancing policy that achieves positive, tangible environmental change. It is a leader in building successful partnerships with industry and government to develop practical solutions for shared environmental challenges. Pollution Probe is leading the delivery of the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Advancement Partnership on behalf of the Government of Ontario, to accelerate the adoption of low emission passenger vehicles.

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