Pollution Probe Statement on the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan

Toronto – June 8, 2016 – Pollution Probe welcomes the transformative Ontario Climate Change Action Plan announced today by Premier Wynne. The Plan’s sweeping set of measures address the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the province’s economy, including in the transportation and industrial sectors as well as in important areas such as residential and commercial buildings and land use planning.

“Pollution Probe commends the Plan’s objective of Ontario becoming a North American leader in the deployment of low-carbon and zero-emission transportation”, says Steve McCauley, A/CEO of Pollution Probe. “Transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the province and aggressive actions are required in this sector for Ontario to meet it emissions commitments and fight climate change.”

Pollution Probe, through its ongoing work with its partners, has identified a number of important transportation pathways which can deliver significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and also generate economic growth and jobs in Ontario. Many of these pathways are the focus of the Plan, including opportunities to increase the availability and use of low carbon fuels and vehicles, and the accelerated construction of the GO transit regional system. Pollution Probe is very supportive of these actions and looks forward to continuing its work with the Government of Ontario in their development and implementation.

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