Pollution Probe Releases New Report on the Role of Natural Gas in Canada’s Low Emissions Future

Toronto, ON – 28 November, 2019 – Pollution Probe is pleased to announce the release of our new report, What Does the Future Hold for Natural Gas?: Considering the role of natural gas and the gas system in Canada’s low-emissions future.

Canada is establishing aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) over the next several decades. Achieving these reductions while meeting our energy needs in a diverse country means that we will need to assess the current means of how we produce, source and deliver our energy, what energy supplies and technologies will be necessary for achieving the targets, and how all existing energy infrastructure could be best used in the effort.

Natural gas is crucial for industrial processes as well as for space and water heating. Compared to electricity, natural gas provides almost twice the energy at a significantly lower cost. Yet, emissions from its use have come under increased scrutiny and are subject to legitimate questioning, especially as global trends and government policies point to a low-emissions energy future.

Using results from a literature review and a multi-stakeholder workshop with natural gas industry representatives from across Canada, Pollution Probe’s report analyses challenges and opportunities for the role of natural gas and the gas system to help map out the sector’s options to reduce emissions while continuing to ensure that Canadians have access to reliable energy sources. The report looks at a number of different ways the gas system could contribute, including increasing energy efficiency, district energy, and innovative technologies. The introduction of low-carbon gas, such as renewable natural gas or hydrogen, will be critical.

It will be up to the utility sector, energy regulators and government policy makers to demonstrate continuing commitment to not only continue to provide reliable, cost-effective energy services, but also play a role in reducing emissions, and help Canada achieve a low-emissions energy system.

The project was supported by Enbridge Gas, SaskEnergy, ATCO, FortisBC and the Canadian Gas Association. Natural Resources Canada also participated in this project.

“The Canadian natural gas delivery industry is committed to advancing cost effective solutions that will help Canada meet its environmental objectives, while becoming more economically competitive,” says Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association. “We appreciate the opportunity to participate in exercises like this one with Pollution Probe that can help us understand how best to achieve those outcomes.”

“Reducing Canada’s emissions will require every sector to contribute, and we can’t afford to ignore any opportunities where there is strong potential to reduce emissions while at the same time keeping energy affordable and reliable for all consumers,” says Richard Carlson, Director of Energy at Pollution Probe. “We need to consider all energy systems, and how they can contribute to our goals to transition to a low-emissions energy system.”

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