Pollution Probe Congratulates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister: 

On behalf of Pollution Probe, I wish to express to you our heartfelt congratulations on winning the support of Canadians to lead the nation with a historic majority government. Your campaign message, that better is always possible, clearly appealed to Canadians’ sense of optimism and belief in the power of an inclusive society. 

These themes are core to the values of Pollution Probe. We dedicate ourselves to collaborating with all sectors of society in advancing solutions to our shared environmental challenges. As a trusted broker of dialogue among diverse groups, we often serve to create common space where government, industry and civil society can come together – particularly when progressive policy requires broad coalitions of support.

We look forward to helping your government realize its aspirations – for the benefit of all Canadians!

Yours sincerely,

Bob Oliver
CEO, Pollution Probe

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Pollution Probe
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