Pollution Probe and QUEST Canada Launch Advancing Community Energy Planning Alignment & Implementation Framework for Ontario

September 29, 2022 – Today, Pollution Probe and QUEST Canada are releasing the Advancing Community Energy Planning Alignment & Implementation Framework for Ontario.

In response to the global climate emergency, many Ontario communities are developing ambitious community energy plans or climate action plans.  These plans increasingly chart a long-term course towards net-zero emissions. To achieve this goal, communities are envisioning unprecedented transformations in how energy is generated and used in virtually every aspect of community life: how we live, work, travel, learn and play.

However, despite their ambitions and political will, communities are unable to implement these plans on their own as most of the decarbonization measures are outside of their direct control. Success requires everyone in the community to work together.

Pollution Probe and QUEST Canada’s Advancing Community Energy Planning Alignment & Implementation Framework for Ontario is intended to assist communities identify and activate the resources and actors needed to drive the implementation of their energy or climate plan. The Framework provides an integrated approach that communities can employ to engage and align the efforts and objectives of all relevant stakeholders to unlock opportunities for achieving community energy and emission goals and supporting municipalities in the transition to net-zero. The Framework aims to improve the prospects and mechanics for CEP implementation, ensuring that resources are targeted at initiatives that have strong support, provide substantial benefits, and address broad community priorities.

“Communities are at the forefront of the net-zero energy transition, and they are stepping up through their community energy plans and climate action plans,” said Richard Carlson, Director of Energy at Pollution Probe. “This new Framework will help them bring all stakeholders together to more effectively realize their plans.”

This Framework will empower communities with the tools they need to get started on achieving their net-zero goals. Together, Ontario communities will be able to make their vision of a greener future a reality.

The City of Burlington graciously agreed to be the pilot community for the Advancing Community Energy Planning Alignment & Implementation Framework for Ontario. Funding to develop the Framework was provided in part through the IESO’s Grid Innovation Fund.

Download Advancing Community Energy Planning Alignment & Implementation Framework

About Pollution Probe

Pollution Probe is Canada’s longest-standing environmental organization, pursuing environmental gains by working productively with governments, industry, and the public, with a steadfast commitment to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthy Planet. Pollution Probe engages people as thinkers to nurture and act on areas of consensus.

About QUEST Canada 

QUEST Canada is a national non-profit that supports communities in Canada on their pathway to net-zero. Since 2007, we’ve been facilitating connections, empowering community champions and influencing decision-makers to implement efficient and integrated energy systems that best meet community needs and maximize local opportunities. We develop tools and resources, convene stakeholders and rights holders and advise decision-makers — all with the goal of encouraging and enabling communities to contribute to Canada’s net-zero goals.

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