Pollution Probe and Partners Have Developed a Rail Decarbonization Roadmap for Canada

Canada’s railways have reduced emissions intensity by 25.1% since 2005, making it a highly fuel-efficient form of land-based transportation for both freight and passengers. However, the rail industry must go further to help Canada reach its 2050 net-zero target. To meet this challenge, Pollution Probe, the Railway Association of Canada and the Delphi Group have created ‘the Rail Pathways Initiative – Developing a Rail Decarbonization Roadmap for Canada’ which lays out a clear path forward in rail decarbonization efforts, based on emerging low-carbon technologies. The report examines how Canada’s railways can test emerging low-carbon technologies and transition to those that hold the most promise for the future. This report is a ground-breaking initiative that can serve as a guide for Canada’s rail industries as well as rail industries abroad that also seek to decarbonize. This Pathway initiative is proof that, despite the many obstacles, net zero is feasible and within our grasp – we just need to be full speed ahead!

“Rail Pathways is a collaborative industry-government initiative that has created a national roadmap and framework for decarbonizing the rail sector. The Pathways report shows that there are solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from rail, such as battery electric and hydrogen. Canada’s rail industry is already making progress on these important zero-emission technologies. Pollution Probe looks forward to the implementation of the Rail Pathways report as a contribution to meeting Canada’s climate commitments.” – Steve McCauley, Senior Director, Pollution Probe


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