Pharmaceuticals in the Great Lakes

Pollution Probe and the Clean Water Foundation are pleased to announce the release of the new report, Reducing the Impact of Pharmaceuticals in the Great Lakes.

This report examines what is known about pharmaceuticals in the Great Lakes, their pathways and impacts on Great Lakes aquatic systems and human health. It provides an overview of measures and actions taken within Canada to address this emerging environmental issue, and compares this to research, monitoring and mitigation actions taken by other jurisdictions including the United States and the European Union.

Drawing on an extensive literature review and input from subject matter experts, this report identifies knowledge gaps and proposes further actions that Canada should take to better understand, manage and prevent pharmaceutical pollution in the Great Lakes.

Along with the report, we have provided a useful explainer, Pharmaceuticals in the Great Lakes 101below. This is a great resource for schools, community groups, citizen scientists or anyone interested in learning about pharmaceutical pollution in the Great Lakes.

Download the Technical StudyDownload the Pharmaceuticals 101 Explainer