Ontario Announces $100 Million Investment for Home Energy Audits and Retrofits

Ontario is taking action on its new Climate Change Strategy by investing $100 million in a program that will help about 37,000 homeowners conduct energy audits to identify and implement energy saving retrofits, from replacing water heaters to upgrading insulation. Ontario’s Deputy Premier Deb Matthews sees this move as an important investment in climate action: “Climate change needs to be fought around the globe and it needs to be fought here in Canada and Ontario. The action we are taking today will help secure a healthier environment, a more competitive economy and a better future for our children and grandchildren.”

This investment, drawn from the Ontario Green Investment Fund, fosters change in the energy system at a number of levels. Delivered in partnership with Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas, it is not only targeted at boosting energy efficiency. The program is expected to support innovation and create jobs within a lower carbon economy. According to the Ministry of Energy, each dollar invested in natural gas efficiency has, in the past, led to $1.50 to $4 in savings for the consumer. Beyond financial savings, however, the ministry projects that this $100-million investment will save the equivalent of 1.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bob Oliver, Pollution Probe’s Chief Technology Advisor, applauds Ontario’s commitment which “builds upon an impressive track record of leadership shown by this government on climate action, ranging from coal phase-out to electric vehicles.”  Oliver says the program will “deliver cleaner air and healthier communities. Home energy audits and retrofits require skilled, knowledge-based workers, and this investment will result in more jobs and economic growth for Ontario.”

Full program details, including the program start date and eligible projects, are expected to be posted in coming months.

Click here to learn more about Ontario’s Green Investment Fund.

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