To commemorate our milestone 50th Anniversary, Pollution Probe’s 2019 Gala featured, for the first time, a pre-Gala conference dedicated to developing a strategic plan for the continued advancement of Pollution Probe’s environmental protection mandate in the coming decades. In keeping with our guiding philosophy of “synergies over silos,” the conference involved experts from multiple sectors working together to create a detailed, nuanced environmental vision for Canada 2050 as well as pathways to realizing that vision.

The conference focused on four key themes, inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Energy & Transportation, Climate & Ecology, Circular Economy, and Society & Politics. Following a keynote address by Professor Mark Jaccard of Simon Fraser University, introductory remarks were made from four speakers who set the scope for the four themes. (For more information about our featured speakers, visit our Gala 2019 page here.) Breakout groups then engaged in facilitated discussions in an attempt to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of the more than 130 assembled experts.

Here, we present outcomes and learnings from the conference discussions, compiled into a summary report setting out a high-level agenda for environmental action across Canada in the coming decades.

Click the report cover to read the full report, or find the highlights in the deck below!