Across Canada, cities are in for an increased number of extreme heat days in the coming summers. This is a significant public health and environmental issue that can lead to heat-related illness and death. Vulnerable populations, such as elderly, low-income, and marginalized groups, disproportionately bear this heat risk. Ensuring everyone has access to affordable cooling solutions must become a priority.

At the same time, the growing demand for cooling places enormous burden on the electrical grid, and actually contributes to global warming. To address these challenges, dialogue is necessary to push forward environmentally friendly and universally accessible cooling solutions.

This webinar will look at some of the issues and challenges around cooling, including energy poverty and more! Hosted by Pollution Probe’s summer interns, we’ll bring you a deep-dive into how Canadian communities can beat the heat and stay safe and cool all summer long 😎

Guest Speakers

Dr. Maryam Rezaei, energy poverty researcher
Hanif Montazeri, CEO and co-founder of Enersion
…with additional speakers TBC

Join us on August 20th! Attendance is free and open to all!