Unlocking the Electric Mobility Potential of Toronto

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PublishedOctober 18, 2010

Moving Toward an Electric Mobility Master Plan for the City

Pollution Probe reached out to stakeholder organizations and individuals who will play a significant role in the future development of Toronto’s transportation systems. We convened roughly 50 stakeholders in a workshop on April 2 2010, with our background report and scenario analyses as information inputs to the session. Upon reviewing and considering the work conducted to date, the workshop participants rolled up their sleeves and developed a series of recommendations to put Toronto on the right path to electric mobility. We were pleased with the level of engagement among the participants and gratefully acknowledge the incredibly valuable contribution of their time, talent and intellect (the participants are listed in Section 3 3.2).

The recommendations that emerged from the workshop are presented in this report and do not constitute an “electric mobility master plan”. Rather, they help to move the city toward an implementation plan by addressing the needs, barriers and opportunities to increased electric vehicle use, as identified by Toronto-area stakeholders.