Towards a Vision and Strategy for Water Management in Canada

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PublishedApril 18, 2007

Final Report of the Water Policy in Canada: National Workshop Series

The Water Policy in Canada: National Workshop Series was a progressive series of five by invitation-
only national workshops for decision makers, experts and key influencers. The series was organized by Pollution Probe in conjunction with a wide range of government and non-governmental partners. The
workshops took place in Winnipeg (February 2006), Lethbridge (March 2006), Wolfville (April 2006), Guelph (June 2006) and Moncton (October 2006), benefiting from almost 70 expert presentations and the input of several hundred participants in total.

This report began as a background document for the first workshop and was updated following every workshop to reflect the presentations and debates so as to seed the subsequent workshop. It gathers the collective wisdom and experience of hundreds of water policy professionals to provide a foundation for moving forward with a common vision and strategy for water policy in Canada.