Report of the National Policy Consultation on Children’s Health and Environment

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PublishedMay 19, 2008

Building a Dialogue Towards a National Strategy for Children’s Health and Environment in Canada

People across Canada and around the world want to ensure the health and well-being of children. Through its year-long National Policy Consultation on Children’s Health and Environment, CPCHE engaged a diversity of stakeholders in an interactive dialogue on the role of the environment as a determinant of child health. Specifically, the National Policy Consultation focused on the known and potential effects of environmental contaminants, chemicals in consumer products and air pollution on the health of children, and explored ways of better protecting the developing fetus and child through policy and practice.

Initially created as a background document, this report was revised following each workshop to capture the essence of the stakeholder dialogue as it unfolded, from the initial stage-setting event (Ottawa, January 2007), to the substantive workshops on air pollution and child health (Toronto, February 2007), research informing policy (Edmonton, April 2007), environmental risks to brain development (Moncton, May 2007) and toxic substances in consumer products (Montreal, September 2007), and on through the culminating event in Vancouver in November 2007. The aim of the workshop series was not to reach consensus, but rather to document the viewpoints and ideas of various stakeholders in Canada.