Project EVAN (Electric Vehicle ANalysis): Business Case for Electric Vehicle Use in Service Vehicle Fleets

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PublishedMarch 2, 2012

This report presents the findings of Project EVAN (Electric Vehicle ANalysis), a comparative study undertaken by Pollution Probe with the support of CrossChasm Technologies and Fleet Challenge Ontario to establish the business case and environmental justification for fleet managers in both the public and private sectors to incorporate electric vehicle technology into their procurement and vehicle replacement plans.

The study involved data-logging of three conventional gasoline-powered light-duty vehicles and three electric vehicle alternatives during the course of normal fleet service for one year, and then conducting a comprehensive life cycle analysis of the cost of ownership based on the data gathered. In each case, the electric vehicle was determined to be the lower-cost option, with operational cost savings offsetting incremental price premiums to deliver a payback in just a few years. Moreover, even when emissions from the generation of electricity (upstream emissions) were considered, electric vehicles produced 21 times less carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year than their gasoline-powered alternatives.