Great Lakes Fact Sheet #3: Economy & Culture

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PublishedMarch 9, 2013

The Society of the Great Lakes

What are ecosystem services and how do they support the economy and culture of the Great Lakes region?

The concept of ecosystem services is essential to understanding the economy and culture of the Great Lakes region, one of the most prosperous and diverse societies in the world. The natural riches and
advantages of the region have provided a strong foundation for the development of complex and successful economies. At the same time, the residents of the Great Lakes Basin draw other, less tangible
benefits from the lakes and the landscape they shape. People living in the region have ready access from major urban centres to a natural environment that plays a key role in shaping the lifestyle and culture
of the region. The grandeur and beauty of the Great Lakes landscape have long held special significance for the inhabitants of the region and fired the imaginations of its artists and thinkers.