Technical Brief: Global Best Practices in Low-Carbon Fuel Standards

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PublishedSeptember 26, 2017

In order to inform considerations around ongoing provincial and federal efforts aimed at developing low-carbon standards (LCFS) for the life-cycle impacts of fuels used across Canada, Pollution Probe and Savant Technical Consulting are conducting an examination of global best practices in low-carbon fuel standards. Outcomes from this examination are intended to help inform policy and stimulate discussions on specific issues such as the role and relevance of indirect land use change, key LCFS sustainability criteria that warrant consideration in Canada, and how life-cycle assessment models can be used to account for impacts that extend beyond national or provincial borders.

TheĀ Global Best Practices in Low-Carbon Fuel Standards technical brief overviews the planned focus of a more extensive report to be released by the end of 2017. Additional opportunities related to low-carbon fuels research are currently being scoped for 2018, so stay tuned!