Electric Mobility Adoption and Prediction (EMAP) – Ottawa

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PublishedJune 27, 2014

Developing a strategic approach to enabling electric vehicle technology in the City of Ottawa

Electric Mobility Adoption and Prediction (EMAP) combines sophisticated market research
methodologies with detailed grid integration and impact analyses. The EMAP methodology is a tool of
predictive analysis, capable of improving the efficiency of capital investments in electricity distribution
system assets and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by ensuring that they align with the
needs of early adopter markets.

This report summarizes the process, findings and implications emerging from the Ottawa EMAP study.
It also proposes a set of strategic objectives and recommendations intended to prepare Hydro Ottawa
to manage and support the use of EVs in its service area.

For more on the EMAP initiative and other cities studied, see: https://www.pollutionprobe.org/transportation/emap-reports/