Driving Towards a Cleaner Environment — A Healthier Future

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PublishedNovember 1, 2006

Pollution Probe and CAA recognized a need to focus on a significant group that is not yet being addressed as part of the climate change solution — the Canadian consumer. We know from our research that Canadians are environmentally conscious. They know there is a serious problem, and they want leadership and real solutions to help them make a difference.

For this reason, CAA and Pollution Probe have entered into a partnership to help individual Canadians combat climate change. The first product of this partnership is a three-point Eco-Mobility Plan for Canadians, which focuses on preserving the benefits of individual mobility while contributing to a healthier environment. Our Report, Driving Towards a Cleaner Environment — A Healthier Future, expands on the Plan.

Our Report and Plan provide tangible solutions for a healthier environment. They integrate the motorist, the road system and the vehicle into a solution for cleaner air, fewer emissions and a healthier environment.

We believe this Plan encourages a practical and balanced approach to mobility and the environment and will engage individual motorists, governments and automakers alike.