Pollution Probe’s Pathways Initiative works to identify and promote transportation pathways which will deliver deep reductions in greenhouse gases and promote economic growth, thereby contributing to actions to address climate change.

Why Focus on Transportation?


Canada Pie Chart

ECCC, 2016

  • Transportation is responsible for 23% of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions and 35% of Ontario’s total emissions
  • Almost all transportation in Canada is powered by fossil fuels
  • Viable, low-carbon technology pathways have substantial potential to reduce GHG emissions and promote clean growth

Our Work

The Pathways Initiative Workshop

Held on March 22nd, 2016, the workshop was the kick-off event for The Pathways Initiative, convening  international transportation experts to explore options for decarbonization of the transportation sector.


Supporting Action on Climate Change

To support the development of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, Pollution Probe and its partners have submitted several policy recommendations to the federal climate web portal: 

Our Expertise

Pollution Probe is one of Canada’s leading independent research organizations in the field of transportation. Our extensive body of work has taken a holistic and pragmatic approach to reducing environmental impacts associated with the transportation sector. For a complete list our work on transportation, visit our library of publications.


Recommended Reading

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