Review of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

The International Joint Commission’s Great Lakes Water Quality Board (WQB) – GLWQA 50th Anniversary Work Group has commissioned Pollution Probe and partners, Dave Dempsey, Sally Cole-Misch, and René Drolet to assess historical and current versions of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Agreement. The methodology for this study involves a comprehensive review of available literature and resources, complemented by interviews and a survey of key groups, stakeholders and other subject-matter experts. The findings will form the basis for the development of a final report that will provide key recommendations for consideration by the Commission and guidance on opportunities for facilitating further progress towards achieving the Agreement’s objectives and goals.

Discussion Questions

Which of the following do you most identify with? 

The Parties, IJC, advisory boards, and substructures

Rights Holders (e.g., Tribal governments, First Nations and Métis) and governing bodies/organizations representing them

Government partners (Great Lakes provinces, states, municipal governments, binational/national commissions, watershed management agencies, and local public agencies)

Communities and the public (e.g., representatives of local groups and communities in the Great Lakes region)



NGO/Civil society organizations