This survey is exclusively for Canadian owners of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs). It is being delivered as part of a study – Assessment of the Consumer EV Charging Experience in Canada – funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Results from the study will be used to develop a series of recommendations for the Government of Canada to help inform decision-making and priority-setting with regard to EV charging infrastructure. The objective of the study is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Canada’s existing EV charging network based on the real-world experiences of EV owners.

This survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete. All responses will be aggregated and anonymized to ensure your confidentiality. Please feel free to share a link to the survey with any other EV owners you may know.

About Pollution Probe

Founded in 1969, Pollution Probe is one of Canada’s oldest environmental organizations. Our work on EVs extends back decades – to a time before any EVs were commercially available in Canada. The decarbonization of Canada’s transportation network is a core focus of our efforts.

As a charitable not-for-profit, we are technology and brand agnostic, and are staunchly independent. Please feel free to review some of our recent publications at If you have any questions or comments related to this survey or our transportation work in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Derek May, Senior Project Manager, at:

Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey and for contributing to a more robust, accessible and useful charging network across Canada!

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