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0 Cloud-Based Home EV Charging Is Here
Siemens just unveiled the first WiFi-enabled, cloud-based electric vehicle (EV) charging station, called the VersiCharge SmartGrid. It allows EV owners to manage and schedule charging remotely, through an application. It can also interact with utilities, who can then better manage the time and level of charging across the grid to operate more efficiently and avoid
0 Harvard’s Bionic Leaf Turns Sunlight into Liquid Fuel
The original purpose of designing an artificial leaf was to harness light to break water into hydrogen and oxygen, thereby mimicking a real leaf’s photosynthesis. The bionic leaf is one step up from this process, in that it incorporates a type of bacterium that has been engineered to convert carbon dioxide plus the above hydrogen
Human Health
0 Health Officials Urge Legislation to Compel Radon Testing
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, accounting for 16 per cent of lung cancer deaths each year. Yet, we currently address this health risk through voluntary federal guidelines and the spotty use of provincial and territorial building codes. A number of public health officials are urging legislation to compel radon testing,
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