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We help Canadians connect environmental factors to human health and well-being.

Pollution Probe has a long history of publishing primers that explain how changes in our environment impact our health, the most recent of which is our Primer on Toxic Substances. All of our primers are available at Publications.

Pollution Probe is also a founding member of the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE), a coalition of national organizations that work together to protect children’s health from environmental contaminants. We are actively involved with CPCHE’s campaign including most recently its effort to encourage home radon testing.

Our new Healthy Communities Campaign helps communities turn knowledge of the connection between environmental factors and human health into action. Learn more at

Human Health
0 The Big and Small of Nanomaterials
Nanomaterials can be found in everything from doughnuts to medicine to sunscreen. They have particles or constituents that are so small that they can infiltrate parts of the body – for example, cross the blood-brain barrier – that most other particles cannot. And because they are so small, they interact with living organisms and the
Human Health
0 Time to Turf Artificial Turf?
A study by USA Today has found high levels of lead in artificial turf layered with rubber crumbs that is often used at U.S. schools, playgrounds and daycares.  Although lead exposure is of concern for anyone, it is particularly so for children who may ingest contaminated turf fibers and crumbs.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state,
Human Health
0 Health Officials Urge Legislation to Compel Radon Testing
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, accounting for 16 per cent of lung cancer deaths each year. Yet, we currently address this health risk through voluntary federal guidelines and the spotty use of provincial and territorial building codes. A number of public health officials are urging legislation to compel radon testing,