Healthy Communities Campaign


Join the Healthy Communities Campaign!

Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible – don’t worry if you’re still planning your Healthy Communities Campaign Project. You can add or change details as you continue to develop your plan.

Once you submit this form, we will review your project description and send you a Toolkit with further details about designing and running a Campaign project.


Healthy Communities Campaign Coordinator Information

This can be either your work or home address; it will be used only to mail prizes to individuals who are unable to attend the Awards ceremony in the summer of 2016.

Community Information

A community can be a school, workplace, community centre, town, neighbourhood – or however you define it!

Project Information

All projects in the Healthy Communities Campaign must reflect the overall goals of improved human and environmental health while reflecting the Campaign’s core values.

Healthy Communities Campaign projects must: be respectful, inclusive and nonpartisan; set specific goals; work towards positive, tangible environmental change; and specify a timeline.

Provide a brief summary of your project, describing the activities that will take place as part of the project.

State your objectives for the project. Be as specific as you can. For example, your project can be designed to achieve waste reduction, improve air quality, or to increase awareness within your community. If possible, explain how you will measure or track these goals.

Media Release

Pollution Probe plans to share community success stories through its website and social media. Do you consent to the sharing of your photos and your project’s successes? No personal contact information will be released.