Healthy Communities Campaign

How to Participate


1.  Choose your Participation Option

Option A  

Take part in an ongoing Pollution Probe initiative

Joining a Pollution Probe-led initiative is a simple way to take steps towards improving environmental health. Current initiatives include The Radon Action Challenge and The EduTOX Video Challenge.

Option B  

Tell us about your existing project

If you are already working to improve environmental health at home, in your community, or at work, tell us about your initiative and we’ll showcase your impressive efforts!

Option C

Create your own unique project

Have a bright idea?  You can start a new Healthy Communities project. For inspiration, check out our suggested projects and success stories.


2.  Register for the Healthy Communities Campaign

Option A 

Register for an ongoing Pollution Probe initiative

Option B or C

Register an existing or new project

3.  Get Started on Your Project!

Once you have registered for the Healthy Communities Campaign, we’ll send you a Toolkit to help you finalize your project plans and get started. Be sure to take photos that we can use to help spread the word about your amazing efforts to improve environmental health.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at healthycommunities@pollutionprobe.org

4.  Send us Your Success Stories

Your Healthy Communities Campaign Toolkit includes a brief report template for you to send back to us with details on your project so that we can share your story across Canada. Don’t forget to include pictures too!


We’d love to hear from you at healthycommunities@pollutionprobe.org!

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