EduTOX Video Challenge


EduTOX Quick Facts

  • Youth ages 14-22 can submit
  • Videos should be no more than 2 minutes
  • Videos should educate about the connections between toxins and health and motivate viewers to take action!
  • Early birds (the first 20 submissions) get $50
  • Prizes include $6,600 in scholarships and two Galaxy S6 Edge – 64 GB
  • Deadline for submission is March 21, 2016

What is the EduTOX Video Challenge?

The EduTOX Video Challenge is a platform for young people like you to promote awareness and action on toxins – and a chance to be nationally recognized for your leadership.  We are looking for creative and compelling short videos (1 to 2 minutes!) that will get people thinking about and taking action on the toxins that we all encounter in our day-to-day lives. In short, EduTOX is about youth leading the way to a healthier world in which to live, grow, work and play.

What should the videos address?

We are asking youth from across Canada to make short videos (maximum two minutes) that outline the links between toxins and health and, most importantly, motivate action. Videos can highlight simple actions that people can take to reduce exposures to common toxins, such as reading product labels and learning what is in the products you use, changing the way we clean our homes, or reducing exposure to hazardous substances used in hobbies or at work. Videos can also encourage action at the societal level: for example, encouraging elected representatives to improve regulations, or asking manufacturers and retailers to offer less-toxic products. To get you started, our websites provides information about some toxins, what their health effects are, and some of the ways you can avoid them.

Who can participate?

The video challenge is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 22 years who lives in Canada. Videos can be submitted by individuals or groups: as a class assignment, eco-organization/club project or as an activity with your friends, colleagues or classmates.  Videos can be in English or French (or any other language with subtitles).

Where can I get more information?

Detailed information is available on our website:

 When will the challenge begin?

The EduTOX video challenge has launched!  The deadline for submissions is March 21, 2016 and winners will be announced in May.